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Our Vision is to become the most versatile and effective  career seeking website in the World, and reach out to the most disadvantage communities across the world.


 Our aim is to become the major provider of  Security jobs around the Worlds, although we shall concentrate most of our efforts in this sector we shall also consider other job sectors to achieve our vision of becoming the World’s most versatile career seeking website . 

Our Objective

Our objective is to ensure that Security jobs are easily accessible for job seekers and employers across the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to link the best employees with their dream  job across the entire diverse range of job sectors.Unlike other online career websites Welcomeworlds Career search is a worldwide search engine, which will ensures that users of the site are able to quickly obtain details that are relevant to their needs.

Welcomeworlds Benefits

Welcomeworlds will offer jobseekers a brief relocation historical background of the areas in which the job seeker is searching for the jobs. This system will ensure that jobseekers are confident to relocate once they find their dream job in a chosen relocation.


Welcomeworlds was founded and established by Victor Martin Kalanzi, in 2012 United Kingdom Europe, the basis of founding Welcomeworlds was to expose businesses to the emerging markets and also bridge the internet divide across the world, and expand businesses to a diverse globalised business community.


Our foremost belief is to think diversity and act globally in an ever changing business world.






Chief Executive Officer, President and Director
Victor Martin Kalanzi is the President and Chief Executive Officer. Is the Founder of Welcomeworlds, he has a BA (Hons) in International Studies, with a great knowledge of global issues, ranging from, International Development, geographical politics, and International business. These attributes will help to stare the company in the right direction.

Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer

The role of this post is to support Welcomeworld’s advertising revenue and operations globally.

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
The role, of this post is to manage Welcomeworlds’ finance, investor relations. 

Senior Vice President, Global Media & Commerce, Welcomeworlds!
This role requires the VSP to leads the strategy, content creation, acquisition and programming, business development and partnerships, product development, design and engineering across Welcomeworld’s leading media and commerce properties and initiatives across the World.

Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Marketing Officer .The responsibility of this role will be the overseeing of all worldwide marketing and brand efforts as well as leading the global communications team.

Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

The role of this post is to support Welcomeworld’s worldwide strategies around talent, culture and organization efficiently.